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Why to Choose Low-Frequency Keywords

Yana Shafarenko Case Studies October 7, 2016

You can't even imagine how you can increase your profits with the help of a properly chosen SEO-strategy. Let us prove.

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Ranking Turbulence on Google SERPs Since September 1

Alex La News September 16, 2016

Google SERPs demonstrate unusual behavior in September due to search algorithm updates. Semalt team thoroughly investigated the issue and made corresponding fixes to clients’ campaigns.

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4 Reasons You May Be Tempted to Skip SEO (But Shouldn't)

Nathan Oulman Guest Blogs September 15, 2016

The term “search engine optimization” seems simple enough to understand. Basically, in order to get your website (and business) found through search, you have to optimize it. But that’s unfortunately where the simplicity ends.

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Impatience in SEO Causes Lost Money, Time and Rankings

Alex La Case Studies August 11, 2016

Patience is an integral part of SEO promotion. The more time you spend, the more benefits you’ll get! But impatience can lead to catastrophic results. Want to know more?

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Champion Weekends with Semalt

Nechiporiaka News August 5, 2016

We hold a special event for true champions and sports fans during the next 3 weekends. Are you in?

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