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Befriending Google and The Rest - SEO Rundown Vol. 2

Alina Ampilogova Rundown for Beginners April 30, 2017

Has anyone told you that search engines were your friends? Has anyone explained why and how they can be your friends? Take a seat and let us tell you about the friendship with search engines and the wonders it can do for you!

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Search Engines and Their Impact on Your Income - SEO Rundown Vol. 1

Alina Ampilogova Rundown for Beginners April 15, 2017

What do things you don’t know about Facebook, Google, keywords and the hard, organized work of librarians have to do with you and the profitability of your business? You won’t know until you read this and find out!

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April Fools Joke: Attention, ALL CLIENTS OF SEMALT!

Turbo The Turtle News April 1, 2017

Stop trying to refresh this page. Your SEMALT website is operating fine. In fact, it will be operating in the best way possible because SEMALT now has a new CEO. Meet The Mighty Turbo and see what he has to say!

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Stay Fortunate With Semalt!

Alina Ampilogova News March 17, 2017

Whoa! It’s time to put your green clothes on, otherwise someone may pinch you today! It’s Green Friday on St.Patrick’s Day and we wish you tons of well-deserved fun and fortune!

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Unidentified Google algorithm spotted!

Alex La News March 14, 2017

It’s a tinfoil hat season for both White Hat and Black Hat SEO communities. The rankings and traffic have been suddenly dropping since March 8, and Google is acting suspiciously. Again with the updates, Google? Let’s find out!

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