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TOP 5 Reasons why you should not stop your SEO

Vladislav Polikevych Tips & Guide November 26, 2018
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TOP 5 Reasons why you should not stop your SEO

So, you’ve been running an SEO campaign for several months. Your website is now showing up in Google search results, your brand visibility has gone through the roof, and new clients just can’t stop knocking on your door. Nothing can keep you away from being on the top and reaping the rewards you’ve been striving for so long.

At that point, you may find yourself wondering whether or not your SEO should be continued. Given that all the strategic goals of your campaign are reached, having some doubts of this kind is quite logical. If you put your online promotion on hold, however, everything you’ve managed to achieve may vanish into thin air, leaving you with no other choice but to start from the ground up.

Why does that happen? What is the best way out for your business? Keep reading and find out.

Two people unfurling an SEO banner

Your current results are short-term

Even though your rankings may remain high for some time after you suspend your SEO, that doesn’t mean your success is guaranteed for years. When you rest on your laurels and stop keeping up with changes in the online world, the massive decline is inevitable. As time goes by, your backlinks may lose their importance due to link rot, the process when links to websites become unavailable. Besides, your content may lack relevance because of new trends in business. Consequently, your rankings will drop.

Just like it goes for any brick-and-mortar business, when you stop investing, you stop growing steadily. Remember, SEO is a continuous process that requires attention and efforts if you do want it to deliver lasting results.

The competition never sleeps

There is no question that real success in business is a result of learning from the failures of competitors. Who wouldn’t want to avoid all hidden pitfalls out there and dominate the SERP by taking up more than one or two spots? Believe it or not, that’s how your competitors think.

When you reach the first page of Google, and your traffic gets on the dramatic rise, there is always someone who is keen on following your example. Sooner or later, they are likely to get to the top as well. But if you no longer do SEO, that means you stop fueling your success and thus give your competitors a chance to outperform you. Rest assured that they will seize it.

Algorithms change in the blink of an eye

Mobilegeddon algorithm

SEO trends change as quickly as a flash. Mobilegeddon, Panda, and Hummingbird are only a few of the plethora of algorithms Google has rolled out over the last years. As a search engine giant, it is constantly developing by coming up with new updates to make sure the best websites rank on top while bad ones are penalized.>

That is why you risk going down in your rankings if you’re out of those changes. There is no way to continue leading the SERP without the help of SEO specialists working on your side.

SEO is a marathon

If you want to make a name for yourself in the niche, you should implement promotion strategies consistently. A practical rule of thumb here is that it takes more than a few months to build business authority and make your presence felt in the industry.

What forms the pillar of effective SEO practices is not only the rapid response to Google changes but also the long-term maintenance of your growth. Thus, you can expect the increase in your brand awareness as long as you keep taking care of your SEO.>

There’s always room for improvement

A key showing main areas of SEO

It does make sense to keep the SEO ball rolling because you can benefit from many more promotion opportunities. Even if your website already ranks #1 for your main keywords, you can still reach a wider audience by running another campaign for long-tail or location-specific ones. Other than that, you may take advantage of social media promotion or get your website optimized not only for desktop but also mobile search.

To sum up, SEO allows you to unlock your full business potential only when it’s managed continually. And now you know that for sure.

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