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Congratulations on Parents' Day!

Nechiporiaka News July 24, 2016

Today the USA celebrates Parents’ Day! That's the unique holiday to show the most important people in your life that you truly love them.

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Special Discount for Semalt Services

Nechiporiaka News July 15, 2016

We are so glad to introduce you the upgraded service that can’t help but encourage as many people as we can to have this amazing experience!

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AutoSEO 2.0 - Flexibility of Your Choice

Alex La News July 14, 2016

We work hard to ensure that our clients get the best out of Semalt services. A large team of SEO specialists and developers create new solutions and improve the existing ones. And now, we are ready to announce major changes in the most affordable search optimization techniques on the market. Enter AutoSEO 2.0 - the system that will change your view on SEO!

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Announcement of Big Changes in AutoSEO System

Alex La News July 8, 2016

We do not ever stop improving the experience of our users. Even a small idea can bring a significant enhancement when properly implemented. For almost a year we have been looking for new ways to provide AutoSEO subscribers with exceptional usability. And now, the great news is ahead!

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Happy Birthday to The United States of America!

Nechiporiaka News July 4, 2016

Sincere congratulations on the key national holiday of the USA from Semalt team! We wish you to rejoice in the nationwide celebration and have a great Independence Day!

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