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SEO Success Factors 2015

Admin Tips & Guides September 2, 2015

The difficulty of attracting customers is known to every entrepreneur, especially today with various adverts annoying us at every step. Marketing experts have come up with hundreds of tricks that are working in the media, on the radio or TV. Traditional advertisement can be used on the Internet too, albeit, less effectively. People tend to visit websites that somehow relate to their interests. Therefore number of ad banners is not as important as website’s positions in search results.

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Semalt Analytics Update – 2.0

Admin News July 15, 2015

We have launched new website positions update algorithm in Semalt Web Analytics system. Now website owners can work even more productively without losing a single minute. Minimum waiting time, maximum precision— once again Semalt.com leads all the records!

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Semalt Website Analyzer - Mobile Version

Admin News July 3, 2015

Recently we have launched Semalt.com mobile version, but its functionality was limited...till this day. Now Website Analyzer is also available on your smartphone and tablet.

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Semalt.com was hit by DDoS-attack on June 24, 2015

Admin News June 24, 2015

On June 24, 2015 Semalt.com was hit by DDoS-attack, rendering several functions of the service temporary unavailable. Currently Semalt.com is fully restored and we are taking preventive measures to protect the website from new possible hacker attacks.

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Semalt Media — Video Advertising For Your Business

Admin News June 23, 2015

We would like to present you Semalt Media — the project of Semalt LLC. A team of experts will promptly and professionally bring any ideas to life in a spectacular video. We will help you enlighten your potential clients about the benefits of your products and services. Semalt Media offers full range of various video production services. Create a video and we will promote it for free!

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