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Semalt.com goes mobile

Admin News June 23, 2015

We are glad to tell you that we have launched the mobile version of Semalt.com! Now you can work on your projects from any mobile device. Adapted for small displays, m.semalt.com web-interface is compatible with touchscreen gadgets. All Semalt functions are present in the mobile version. In fact, they became even more comfortable to work with. Observe your website’s positions, receive detailed reports, and analyze tables and diagrams without getting confined to your workplace. You can subscribe to one of our SEO Packages from the mobile phone.

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Semalt Report Center

Admin News June 19, 2014

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you about a new option of the Semalt web-analysis service! With the Semalt Report Center you can quickly get information about your website rating on Google search engine, keywords rankings and view diagrams with the resource dynamic. Semalt Report Center automatically consolidates web-statistics to a detailed report for the specified date range. You can choose your own logo, footer and brand name for the reports. In addition, you can configure email delivery: - Show data for a certain date range; - Automatic delivery to multiple email addresses; - Report delivery schedule and frequency.

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Service work has been resumed

Admin News May 28, 2014

Dear users! On May 21, 2014 many of you were unable to use Semalt services. The situation was caused by DDoS attack on our server. Thanks to our specialists hard work we promptly responded to the problem and managed to fix it in the shortest time without considerable loss for the system and user data.

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Admin News March 14, 2014

Webmasters, SEO and market specialists and other persons concerned often get anxious about Semalt crawlers visiting their websites and displaying data about these visits on the web analytics systems, such as: Google Analytics, StatCounter, Sitemeter, Wordpress My Stats and other. Below you will find our official position on this matter to answer in advance a lot of questions related to the Semalt crawlers and to clarify the situation.

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Pleased to meet you

Admin News January 29, 2014

Dear friends! Every day many of you ask us same questions "What is Semalt?” and “Who is its author”? Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors’ positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information. We don’t keep our faces and contact details from you. Each one can visit the page About to make sure we are not hiding anything. We are willing to cooperate and begin a dialog with any person concerned and a lot of our users have been convinced it’s true.

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