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A Dwarf with a Golden Touch

Alex La News December 21, 2016
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“Let an ugly dwarf, blessed with the golden touch of Casterly Rock, give you a piece of advice,” the former King’s Hand said. 

“You are a salesman. It doesn’t matter what you sell, information, bathrobes or slaves. Never forget what you are, unless you want to regret offering your life of wealth as a foolishly generous present to the outside world.” he stopped to cut his cup of wine in half. 

“There are men with a coin outside of this room, thousands of them. You need to make sure that every time these men want to get rid of the coin, they think about you and nobody else. Foresee their actions and come across their path. Make them see you, answer their questions, earn their trust and fleece them of their money. That’s how you fill a treasury and never let it empty out.”

Could Tyrion Lannister say these words? A dwarf with royal blood in his veins, a man of whom the things were expected. He has been sharpening his mind with each bit of knowledge he could find throughout his entire life. We think that if this person lived in our world, he would use every digital marketing technique that works, especially SEO. 

And thus, with regards to the wisest man in the Seven Kingdoms, we continue the Game of Semalt event. We raise our cups hoping to see you as our future ally soon.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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