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Announcement of Big Changes in AutoSEO System

Alex La News July 8, 2016
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Before we go any further, stop here and just think for a moment. How nice would it be to manage the way backlinks promote your website by yourself? Search engines consider links an ultimate recommendation to the linked resource, i.e. another website. Like many webmasters, you probably have many keywords you want to rank well in Google and controlling the flow of link juice among them would be of great help.


We know that you would be more than excited to get the full power over your online promotion. For a half of the year, Semalt team has been developing and testing a new algorithm to provide the needed functionality. Now, when all the work was done and the system is being deployed, we are ready to announce the great news! AutoSEO system advances to the new level bringing out extended functionality, better usability and incredible opportunities for online promotion!


All features of AutoSEO 2.0 are already available to every new subscriber of the service. For other paid Semalt accounts the system is going live next week.


In the meantime, we have a small teaser for you ;-) The image below shows how you manage the distribution of backlink volume among keywords using sliders.


AutoSEO 2.0 Campaign Settings
(screenshot of AutoSEO 2.0 user interface)

The complete article about the upgraded system will be published in a few days, right after AutoSEO 2.0 is deployed for all paid Semalt users. Be sure to check all the exсiting details in the new article on our blog!


Non-subscribers can get the exceptional experience right now.


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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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