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E-Commerce Update at Semalt

Alex La Press-Release January 26, 2017
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New year, new us! We would like to greet you in the first month of 2017 with a neat, brand new service for online stores! Finally, we combined our experience, research and wish to help online merchants into a unique solution. All online entrepreneurs, who need a flexible and individualized approach to the promotion of their goods, and a reliable maintenance team to handle the complicated e-shop structure, now can check out our E-Commerce service.

Do you want to know how exactly we can help you? Bringing you customers who’ve already made a buying decision and increasing your traffic are just the beginning.

They came, they saw, they bought


targeting buyers


Finally, you don’t have to deal with the outcomes of using SEO for regular websites to boost the progress of your e-commerce source:

  • Our E-Commerce is a package of methods and techniques designed to help you sell and gain profit.
  • It is powered by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the best e-commerce experts of Semalt. Now they have an opportunity to offer professional online entrepreneurship guidance for the beginning and experienced online merchants, who need it.
  • E-Commerce is designed to take into account all specifics and requirements necessary for developing an e-commerce project. Whether your online store is only a small startup or a large, aged website, we will have everything necessary for helping it prosper.
  • Aside from boosting your popularity on the web, we make it more specialized. Your online store will be known to the clients, as a place, where they can and should make a purchase.



Getting all these countless product pages, category pages, order request forms and contact pages to operate flawlessly is a tough task that we will handle gladly. Our experts will run an in-depth scan of your project, detecting all flaws that hold your e-shop back from becoming successful. Also, they will study your semantic kernel to determine how well it fares compared to your prospective competitors in the niche. If there are any key phrases or keywords we can toss in to boost the rankings and get your e-shop to these first pages of search results, this is what we will definitely do.

Unique Keyword Strategies

There is more to a successful keywords strategy than just a promotion for high-frequency queries. With the techniques and methods we developed, we can bring you 1000+ new customers each month by using low-frequency key phrases. Sounds unbelievable? This is the result of focusing on the prospective buyers done right!

With our help, you will create a powerful and unique semantic kernel that will help you generate sales and gain loyal customers.

Original Content Check

Say goodbye to non-original texts and self-repeating descriptions on the category pages. With the help of unique technology, we quickly and accurately assess the originality of the texts on all your pages, finding every non-unique text and description on your website and informing you about them. This is necessary for avoiding penalties from Google. By neglecting this measure, you can become an involuntary helper to your competitors, who use the same descriptions. They won’t thank you in the end, while you’ll lose customers. The sooner you learn about your content status, the more chances you have to improve your e-shop in time.

Niche Research

Each niche plays by certain rules and has certain trends. Within the E-Commerce, we explore these trends and define, how well your e-shop keeps up with them. We also see whether there are any competitors you should be aware of in order to come up with the strategy, which will help in outclassing them.



shop online from mobile


The usability of an online store defines its success. We use the error data gained from the online store analysis to provide you with valuable bits of advice on fixing the loading speed of all the pages so that buying at your e-shop will become a real pleasure. If your online store has a functional mobile version, we’ll evaluate its performance. If there are any errors that prevent your prospective buyers from making purchases from their smartphone or tablet, we’ll keep you aware of them.

Rebuilding friendship with Google


top google search results


Did Google send your online store to the page 10 of search results, because it failed to follow the latest requirements and regulations? No need for grudges and hard feelings. Our work will get you back in Google’s good graces and build an extremely advantageous partnership with the world’s #1 search engine.

Nothing says “I deserve to be in TOP 10” better than:

  • No broken links and error 404 pages;
  • Great performance of robot.txt and .htaccess files;
  • A sitemap file;
  • Social media buttons present on every page;
  • Up-to-date meta tags, descriptions and ALT tags;
  • No duplicated content.

After we are done, Google will have no choice, but to let you go higher and higher, until your online store is attracting customers in the TOP 1.

Working with links

Linkbuilding is a two-edged sword. When you use it right, it brings tremendous results and rewards you with the great conversion. However, if you abuse or misuse the power of linkbuilding, links placed on irrelevant and notorious sources bring you nothing, but rankings drop.

using backlinks


Armed with the expertise in e-commerce linkbuilding, our specialists will work with the niche-relevant sources from our partner website network and help your online store gain a healthy link juice, building new connections, business relationships and inviting more prospective customers to see, what you’ve got.


Our work is never over. Once we are done with the e-shop optimization, we establish a constant monitoring of the web source progress. As with all our other service packages, you can generate in-depth reports on the status of your commercial web portal in a single click. Your personal support manager will gladly supply you with the further information and valuable SEO tips.

Lead the niche with Semalt

As always, we approach the subject with max flexibility. The E-Commerce package implies an individual approach and it will vary depending on your personal needs, goals and budget limits. Tell us the time period of the campaign, the benefits, and the acceptable price or, if you are unsure, consult with your personal success manager, and see what works for you.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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