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New webmaster analytics tool checks your search engine positions at no cost

Admin Press-Release January 13, 2014
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Semalt makes the benefits of professional keyword ranking analytics available even for the entry-level users.

In late 2013 Semalt.com – a professional keyword ranking monitoring service - was officially launched. It allows the users to get advanced analytics data about websites based on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) analysis. Semalt enters the SEO service market with the unique offer providing each authorized user 7 trial days to track their website(s) positions up to 20,000 keywords daily. As soon as the trial period expires one can get the lifetime free plan with 50 keywords daily.

The Semalt service ensures the comprehensible analytics business information thus settling a major problem of the entire SEO industry. It helps all the users regardless their level and skills to get the search engine positions for their projects by the preferred keywords within 5 minutes they authorize. The results can be converted to PDF and Excel formats.

Semalt takes a data processing approach radical for the industry which allows updating your and your competitors’ SERP positions in the Realtime mode even during peak traffic periods. The service is based on this mode which is considered a big gain of its developers.

Semalt works with 336 local versions of the Google search engine represented in respective domain zones and performing search in languages commonly spoken in these countries. Making a website analysis the user can select multiple Google search engines to get valuable and topical information about their website positions on the local markets to use it wisely in future.

The Semalt service has recently passed the Beta-testing stage and has already attracted the attention of 4,000 registered users willing to get reliable data on their websites keyword ranking monitoring.

You can register and evaluate the mentioned Semalt features and benefits following the address - Semalt.com.


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Sara James
Feb 28, 2014, 06:00:13
Great information Thanks for sharing
Hande Alkan
Apr 8, 2014, 00:02:10
Gaziantep Oto Kiralama firmam için üye oldum. Şuanda çok memnunum ve Tüm sitelerim için kayıt olacağım. Thank You
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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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