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Learn the SEO Secrets of Success with Semalt Case Studies

Alex La News June 15, 2016
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Have you ever found a company, where a sales manager tells you not to use their services? Here at Semalt, we sincerely doubt that such company could exist on the market more than a single year. We are not alone with this opinion, and that’s why a typical customer reacts calmly to rich descriptions of offered products.

But how do you persuade clients in that very rare case when your services actually will deliver them a pack of great benefits? No trust for words anymore, let your deeds speak for you! Nothing is more convincing than the brilliant results achieved at the end of a deal.

While we cannot force our customers to experience the success right at the beginning of the dialogue, we do have many inspiring stories of our long-term clients. In order to give you an idea of what goals our services help to achieve, we decided to create a web source and publish there some of such cases. Let us introduce you:

Semalt Cases, the best way to know the results of the SEO right from the start.

Start reading Semalt Cases

Each article begins with a description of the initial state of a website. The analysis includes rankings, errors in the source code, content issues and much more.

Initial state of a website in terms of SEO

After this, our experts explain every conducted action, step-by-step. You will see yourself how the site gains new positions, enters the Top of Google and becomes attractive for visitors. We thoroughly mention every practice and technique that were used during the work. No secrets, everything is exposed as an open book. In fact, reading Semalt case studies will provide you with a better understanding of the SEO.

At the end of an article, the initial state is compared to achieved results so that the progress is clearly visible.

Comparison of the initial state and the results

We will update the new site regularly. Semalt team has many stories to share with you! Be sure to check back for freshly published case studies frequently.

Here is a quick link for you to start being inspired right away:

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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