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Semalt Explains Blackhat SEO

Alex La News June 10, 2016
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As an SEO company with vast experience in the field, we have our secret practices that were developed through the years of service delivery. Due to unique whitehat technology, our packages provide unmatched results at the lowest price on the market. Of course, such state of things produced lots of rumors that Semalt uses blackhat techniques and does not care about customers much.

Well, we do know some blackhat SEO stuff, as well as every other expert in the industry does.  In order to help our prospective clients to find the difference between whitehat and blackhat search engine optimization, we decided to start a video series. We will share the most unusual, the wildest and yet incredible approaches that people use to rank well in Google. Grab the popcorn and prepare to laugh a lot!

Be sure to contact us if you want to improve your positions by ordering whitehat SEO at more than affordable price.

The video was based on a free template from semalt.media.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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