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How to plan a budget for SEO?

Vladislav Polikevych SEO Industry February 27, 2019

Over recent years, SEO has escalated into one of the fastest-growing industries.

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Shedding light on direct traffic and the signals it sends

Vladislav Polikevych SEO Industry February 21, 2019

Whether you’re new to Google Analytics or have been using it for a good while, you may notice direct traffic spikes at some point.

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The central focus is always on backlinks

Vladislav Polikevych SEO Industry February 15, 2019

For some, SEO is about putting a myriad of keywords and waiting for search engines to praise their websites to the skies.

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SEO Elements - What Are The Essential SEO Elements For A Winning Promotional Campaign?

Olya Pyrozhenko SEO Industry September 21, 2017

What on-page SEO elements I need to consider to improve my website rankings? Search engine optimization is a complex of different practices which serve to improve site authority and attract more potential customers. However, not all of them are equally important. In this article, we will talk about SEO elements which should be your priority. I compiled a list of some useful SEO tactics which are essential for a winning promotional campaign. However, before we start discussing SEO elements we need to include in our promotional campaign, let us have a closer look at on-page SEO.

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Search Engine Friendly Website - Beginner’s Guide To SEO

Alex La SEO Industry August 29, 2017

Have you ever wonder what SEO friendly website is? It is a site that ranks in search engines and let search bots to crawl each page efficiently and index it in their database. If you want to get the higher rankings in a SERP, then it is vital to have a search engine friendly website. Making a website search engine friendly enables site owners to boost website rankings and gains more traffic.

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