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The Game of Semalt: The Epilogue

Alina Ampilogova News January 9, 2017
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It has been an exciting season. The winter is here, and while citizens, traders, warriors and kings of Westeros have to sharpen their wits and swords, because of all the threats and conspiracies keeping them on their toes, we enjoy our hot cocoa and winter holidays, no White Walkers or scheming Lannisters in sight.  We hope that you are enjoying the festivities and having a great winter in general. 

Playing The Game of Semalt with you has been an honor and tons of fun.

However, every story comes to end. As we were inspired by a story written by George R.R. Martin, we have no choice, but to follow his steps. When the affair is coming to a head…the head has to go. 

The discounts have been awesome, but they are leaving us much like many characters of A Song of Ice and Fire. Will they come back like the White Walkers? Will they be reborn like Daenerys from the fire? Everything is possible, but right now we’re saying goodbye to The Game of Semalt and thanking you for participating. 

Stay safe and be ready for new exciting offers of the season, which we are working on right now! There are many rankings to boost and innovations to implement, so keep an eye on Semalt and be prepared! 

Happy Holidays! 

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