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The New Opportunities and the New Challenges

Alina Ampilogova News January 2, 2017
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Many things happened in 2016. Some of them were bad, some of them were good. However, to us, it was another great year we spent working with our loyal clients and welcoming new ones. Thank you for choosing our service and staying with us. It has been an honor and will always be a great pleasure to assist you in your progress to Google TOP. We wish you the best in the New Year. May all your New Year’s resolutions be accomplished!

While we are hyped up for the new great opportunities in 2017, we offer this final piece of Game of Semalt as a reminder of the obstacles that lie in wait. 

The White Walkers

“The White Walkers. The Others. The servants of The Great Other.

 Once nothing more, but a scary tale, they have returned from the oblivion. Powerful and eternal, shrouded in white mist they swipe through the lands, leaving nothing, but ruin in their wake. Only when the darkest hour cast its ugly shadow over the Seven Kingdoms, did the people of Westeros come to a chilling realization: the White Walkers have never been truly gone.

They have always been here.

Watching from the shadows. Waiting. Planning.

When they come for you, all your riches, all your silver-tongued speeches will not save you. The White Walkers cannot be bargained with. They are deaf to your pleas. They have no interest in gold. To them, you are merely a puny warm-blooded vermin that disrupts the perfect harmony of ice and snow. 

United by one, mysterious cause, they will not stop until everything sleeps forever within their cold grasp.

You can run like a coward only to be caught and stricken down or gather your will to fight back with steel and fire.

Time is not your ally. Pledge your allegiances and make your choice before the realm of men perishes under the crushing heel of eternal winter.

Brace yourselves. The ultimate battle has begun.”

New year brings new challenges.

Some of them can be quite unexpected and even terrifying. We will not sugarcoat it for you – not everything is going to be easy. However, you cannot hide from the problems behind the Wall forever. While you must have courage, a blade made of Valyrian steel and tons of luck to battle the White Walkers and survive, a helping hand from an experienced team is everything you need to overcome any issues that may arise in the course of running your online business. 

With a calm, calculated approach, a well-built team, trusted partners and a reliable digital marketing agency that will offer you the most efficient strategies, you will have enough power to shatter any obstacles just like dragonglass sword shatters the flesh of the White Walkers.

Prepare yourself for the final battle! Which House do you want to see on your side in this complicated game of Google Thrones?

Last chance to win the battle for the rankings



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