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The Watch that Never Sleeps

Alex La News December 29, 2016
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The Watcher of the Wall

The Wall is a cold and windy place. Baring its icy teeth, it gapes at you through the blackness of its ravine. Hunger and scorn are the only things you can see in its piercing gaze. It can never be sated, leeching away all the warmth in your body, devouring anything built by man’s hand until it crumbles into dust. As dangerous and merciless as the monstrous threats it was built against, the Wall is not the place for heroes. This is the place, where Night Watch carries its duty, for there is no one else to guard the kingdoms, against the unspoken terrors. As the wind digs its claws into rocks and ice, carving out the chunks to leave the terrifying mark of wilderness on the landscape, Jon Snow, the bastard of the House Stark, keeps his watch against all the odds as the duty and honor command him to do. Undaunted and ever wary, he has been taught well about the threat that lurks on the other side of the Wall. In his duty, each battle is a lesson, each scar is a reminder, each horrifying shape, scene and face that never cease to emerge from the depths of his memory are the reason why he will never falter. For the night is dark and full of terrors and Jon Snow has sworn to never lose the sight of them.

The web space can be a dark and unkind place. Many challenges and dangers lurk in the web, ready to catch unsuspecting online project owners unawares. The Wall stretches across all Seven Kingdoms exists to guard people against the threat that may come from the lands that lie beyond. Much like Night Watch, Semalt does you the same service. While we keep our vigil on the latest changes of your website positions, your keywords progress and protect your success from being usurped by your competitors, you are free to plan, build strategies and grow your business.  We are walking the steps of Jon Snow for you, as our duty to provide our customers with safe solutions, an opportunity to grow and develop is above anything else. 

Never walk off alone in the dark! Choose an ally to watch your back on your path to the TOP of Google.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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