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The Winter has Come, and The Game of Semalt has Begun

Alex La News December 13, 2016
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Cold winds rush their way through the trees. White flakes engage in a wild dance. The frost becomes stronger and stronger. Even the bravest soldiers become concerned about upcoming difficulties. Weapons seem to be heavier than they were. A single thought about marching in full plate armor makes veterans grind their teeth.

And there are those rumors popping up around the country. Disturbing words that peasants whisper to each other cautiously. “The cold winds never come along,” they say. “The cold winds always bring unseen changes to the world.”

Are you prepared and waiting for the new season? Here, at Semalt, we do not fear uncertainties of the future. Whatever challenges and turnarounds the winter brings, we are ready to face them with passion and a smile. Believe it or not, the flame in our hearts is here for you to melt the ice of the dark, cold nights. And as a warm-up, we’d like to present you “The Game of Semalt” event! A series of small and huge surprises that we’ve thought through for an entire month. Let us clear the path to the Google’s Throne and celebrate your reign together!

For the starters, which House would you choose? Maybe the one of the loyal and courageous northern warriors? Or do you feel the flow of enterprising southern blood in your veins? Or would you like to give the dark deer a try? Decide wisely what power and liabilities you will have.

which House do you trust to improve your rankings?


And so, the winter has come.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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