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What to expect from SEO trends in 2019?

Alisiia News December 14, 2018
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SEO trends of 2018

There were quite a few sought-after SEO tactics that set the pace of 2018. Probably you have noticed that the page speed and its relevance topped up with having mobile-friendly website has won users’ leniency towards one or the other. Moreover, with the raise of voice search popularity, the websites with long conversational keywords, also got more preference among the users in 2018. Along with a profound help of cookies, the website once opened by user, consequently appeared in his later searches.

So far so good. However, the SEO trends are ever-changing, hence upcoming year will bring us not only new hopes, impressions and resolutions, but also new SEO delicacies that you should turn your eye to if you would like to improve your web performance.

The higher the better

A brief forecast of what to foresee in SEO in 2019

Here we won’t reinvent the wheel and tell that the year 2019 will be completely mind-blowing and different in terms of SEO trending, nevertheless, we still envision some modifications.

First things first. Have you noticed the shift in technology use lately? We are living in such a hectic world that people opt for efficiency and lesser time waste. Thus, users eagerly switch to mobiles and voice search as it was already introduced in the SEO trends of 2018. Similarly, users tend to prefer websites with all detailed information they are looking for. Again, for the sake of time-saving. What does that mean for your business? You might want to have such useful Google aspects as images, maps, review/comment sections, “people also search for” boxes, and videos on your website.

Additionally, with respect to aforementioned time and efficiency of your potential consumers, structure your data. Create as specific and short description as possible so that you will be able to lure visitors to your website. Your potential website visitors will be also more likely to choose you over your competitors if all the necessary data of yours (phone number, working hours, address) will be filled on Google snippets.

To wrap it all up, technically developed website with a fast page load, high-quality images and content will certainly make you stand out from the other websites. Designate your time for creating an eye-appealing website candy for your visitors. Be sure that soon enough they will shift to consumers.

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Andrew Timchenko
Head of Customer Success Department
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